New beginnings…. a new life

It’s officially day two now…  We got pounded here in New York with lots of snow early this morning, which resulted in my hair appointment being canceled and I know not yet when it may be rescheduled.  But hey, I’ve waited this long to get to where I am, so another day or two is not going to kill me….  I just got back from a trip to my local church to make a donation; all of my old clothes, including I must admit my favorite sneakers and henley…. goodbye.  There happened to be an older gentleman there cleaning off the donation box, and he took the bags from me with a nice thank you – I wonder what he may have been thinking with all of those things.  I am relieved to be rid of them from my home.  Some may not understand this, but for me they were a tie to lie that I lived for most of my life.

Yesterday by default was day one…. 011111, an auspicious date, and one I shall never forget.  I finished with work on the mid shift at about 6:15, went home and relaxed and watched Joe and Mika on MSNBC.  Had breakfast and got ready to start my day, my new day.  The first order of business was getting a manicure and polish, which I went for to a friend’s recommended salon in Babylon. They were wonderful there, and I got a nice purple gel polish.  That alone made my day.

After the nails,I headed to the tailors, to get my new slacks shortened and for some, taken in.  A work friend turned me on to Express Editor slacks, and they are really very stylish and well-made; I love the materials they use.  These will comprise my work wardrobe at least during “business hours,” then jeans and whatnot on the nights/weekends.  I also need to bring over my two blazers to see if she can give me just a little more room in the shoulder.

Following the tailor, I went shopping at Old Navy, as I realized when starting to ride my bike that I don’t really have any tees.  So I picked up a bunch of things on sale, they had some great bargains.  Then home for a bit, and out to dinner with a special friend to Cheesecake Factory, followed by some more shopping in the mall and at Eddie Bauer specifically.  They had an amazing sale, where I picked up a pair of cargo pants, normally $59, for $10 on sale, along with two more frilly henleys and one v-neck long-sleeve tee.  So I think that I really am very much set for clothing for the winter and into early spring, and actually I do have a number of short-sleeve shirts for the warmer weather.  I actually prefer the cooler climes as I love to layer things, a nice henley under a cardigan of course with a scarf.  I’m just so very happy to finally be using all of my new wardrobe now, especially my warm winter coats.

I cannot describe the feelings at the moment…  my friend kept making comments last evening about how great I looked, happy and animated and all.  And although I’ve essentially been full-out for the better part of the past two months, obviously this is different, this is it there is no going back, no need to go back.  And that I do not think has really hit me yet.


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