Hair salon day…

First thing this morning, I called the hair salon.  They said that they had the wrong phone number for me, and only had just listened to my message from yesterday.  So I asked her what was the first available appointment, and she told me Sunday….!  Noooo….!  I asked if that was the earliest, and then she came up with slots for today… yay!  So I went for 12pm, canceling my electrolysis in the process, because this simply was the more important.  The salon I went to is the one my very close friend uses, and she had spoken with the woman who owns it and does the styling a few months beforehand.

So I finally found the shop, and went in.  This was my very first color, cut and style, so yes, I was a bit nervous, but again everyone was super incredibly nice.   And it was a wonderful experience.  We talked about colors and such, and I told her that I wanted a med brown with blonde highlights, and off we were.  She hadn’t known that I was doing coloring, and actually had started to rinse my hair, so it needed to be dried, so I had my first experience with the big, very hot all-over-the-head dryer… fun fun!  Then she proceeded to do my highlights using foil and brush, and it was followed by a 30-minute set period, during which I Facebooked… of course!  Afterwards, she mixed everything else in and then it was back to the sink for a good rinse.  Which was followed by the last station, her styling station.  We had already tlaked a bit about what I was looking for.. lol, one questions she asked, “when was the last time you had your hair cut?”  Umm, like 8 months ago haha.  I had also spoken to her about “me,” and mentioned my friend and asked if she had spoken to her about me, and explained that this was in fact my first women’s cut, and that I was open to all suggestions.  Just that I really didn’t want to go shorter because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to grow it long or not, and also that I liked it either sweeping across my forehead, or bangs.

So out came the shears, and my nerves!  She decided to do some layering and needed to cut a bit in the back to even everything out and all, and really it didn’t seem like but a few minutes, and it was done!  Then she explained to me how to blow dry it out – hopefully I can remember and it will come out as good as she did it.  But it just looks so very awesome and I love it so very much… it completes me.  I then picked up some products, including gel, oil and spray, and also bought a new round brush on my way home.  Another customer there made a point of telling me how great it looked as well….  It’s really cute and easy to do, thank goodness.

So, following that, well my day/week/month was made.  I headed towards home, stopped to fill the gas tank, and then headed over to the local Starbucks to have a skinny caramel macchiato and a muffin.  Decided to sit inside and write some emails while there, and simply had a wonderful time feeling so very positive about myself and all.  This really does make me feel so much better about myself, as my hair was getting way out of control and I had no clue what to do with it.

Oh yeah, I forgot… before Starbucks, I went to work and got my new photo for my new ID taken!  Yes, first time in the facility as myself.  I phoned my friend to get her to go down to

at work.. first pic


the office and be there when I got there, went in the front door so as to hopefully avoid any encounters, and walked almost smack into a coworker from my area!  He said something like “what’s up” and promptly hightailed it ahead of me… then to the office and my new picture was taken and new ID ordered.  I was worried about getting by the guard gate, but they didn’t even notice the difference between my ID pic and me today!  After my ID photo, I hightailed it out of there and off to other things….

So it has been a wonderful week…. I just find myself sitting and thinking about everything and how this all just so fits… just feels so damned right.  Tonight I found myself crying a bit – a friend had warned me about feelings of why this hadn’t happened sooner, and I actually felt that tonight.  My very close friend came over for a movie tonight and commented on just how so very happy I look, and couldn’t help but laugh at my newly-outfitted bathroom, with make-up, and hair products and other girl stuff all over.  I just cannot put this to words effectively… I feel so incredibly healthy, and happy…. and confident.  I cannot wait to go back to work now and, barring the whole bathroom issue, I know it will be fine for me, I am ready and will not have any issues myself.

So, its been another week of firsts.  But this week is without doubt the biggest of my entire life.  I must say that even P. gave me a compliment today on my hair, saying “nice pic” and good for me for getting the style…  That is where things are hardest eight now… the family front.  And that is all I shall say about that for the time being….


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