First day of school…

well, that’s what it feels like!  Tomorrow will be my first day at work.  Excited?  yes….  Scared?  absolutely….  It will prove to be an interesting day, for sure.  Fortunately, I have my volunteer work at the Crisis Center immediately after work, have my friends there, so will be able to decompress if needed.  I spoke with my friend at work last week , and everything apparently is ready.  My new ID awaits, lots of paperwork to sign and some other housekeeping issues.  I have to obtain a Visitor’s Pass tomorrow, as I’ve been advised my former ID – which I have – basically does not exist….  which means that person…. kewl!!

I’ve been preparing for tomorrow for quite awhile, but with things like this it matters not how much you prepare, you will never be ready, never be fully at ease.  If anyone says otherwise, well they’re lying.  Went this morning to get a manicure and my favorite Jessica Gel – my color is apparently called “Birds of

Jessica GELeration

Paradise.”  My nail tech had to “rebuild” two nails, interestingly both the middle fingers… and she got a little angry when I ended up scratching three nails on my right hand while putting it in the UV box….  But she did a wonderful job ~ I never would’ve thought I’d have my nails this long, they are mine naturally and it’s kind of completing actually.  Just still going through the process of figuring out how to do some things with nails… always fun, that.  She also waxed my eyebrows, which were getting a little overgrown, as I didn’t have the opportunity to go to my regular waxing person.


And I am such a ditz, I swear the hormones have deprived me of my senses at times.  After leaving the salon, I went to Target to look for a new dressy belt, and to check out the Keurig machines; no luck.  After leaving the store and driving a bit, I looked at my hands – something felt funny – and realized, oh crap, I forgot my rings!  Back to the salon…. ugh.  After this wonderful diversion, I stopped at Marshall’s – again nothing  and then Kohl’s – score.  Then onward to home, where I now sit watching the Packers take it to the Bearz.

In similar fashion to my family, I have no clue what the reception will be tomorrow morning.    I have my wardrobe for First Day basically figured out – wearing blue Editor slacks with a pink EB button-down shirt, black EB blazer and my new heels.  Was set to wear a pair of ballets, but I wish to add a more feminine touch, hence the heels; they’re not overly tall, look cute and will complement everything well.  I think I will likely break out my black bag, although my brown one is my favorite.  Just hope that my hair comes out as well as it did today, and everything will be as set as I can get it.  The biggest adjustment?  Getting used to using the designated bathrooms, of which there are four.  So the clock ticks away till the appointed time, and by day’s I’ll be visible to everyone.. well, actually not everyone, the family is still trying to cope.


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  1. Diana_W
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 10:00:34

    Good luck with your debut! I’ll be thinking about you today, sending good thoughts your way.


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