Day One is in the books.. Pt I.

Well… Day One is basically behind me.  I’m sitting here writing this and just awaiting the clock to tell me it’s time to go home.  It was an interesting day, for sure, but I must say that it all went smoothly.  The only negative that I could comment on is the apparent awkwardness among those I’ve known for years; many simply just pass by or try not to make any sort of eye contact.  That has been a bit tough, and tricky in trying to determine what to say, and to whom.

The day started off somewhat negatively, as the Dunkin girl said to me, “can I help you sir?”  But, in deference to her, she’s seen me “guy” for months so, I just hope she evolves without my having to say something.  I got my coffee and headed for work.  I had to park in the visitor lot outside the gates, as I was told that my old ID essentially did not exist anymore ~ good, that also means the person on that ID didn’t either.  I went into the Guard shack and told the guard, whom I know and was conversant with – read awkward – and advised him that I was an employee but did not have my new ID card yet.  He filled out the appropriate paperwork, checked my driver’s license, made the calls to my area to verify “me,” and handed me a temp badge and I was on my way.  Now I have to go in….

I walked to the side entrance, to be met there by my supervisor and also my best friend, who does the IDs, among other things.  First stop was the ID office, where my new badge anxiously awaited me; a password and fingerscan later, and my ID was complete and had found its home in a new plum-colored Coach lanyard.  Then off to get my keycard amended, which took all of about five seconds.  And then, last stop, the Deputy Chief’s office for reintroductions and some paperwork.  And she fumbled the pronoun on the first attempt!  Hah… it was ok….  Seriously, it was the only time I noticed at work, and everyone who addressed me, did so by using my new name.. no errors there.

Then it was off to the control room floor and back to work… back to work and yet to work for the first time almost.  If I could equate it, it seemed like kindergarten all over again.  (Part II later today…)


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