What snow?? Talking makeup….

.. yes, that snow.  I am so damn sick and tired of snow.  Florida is looking better and better all the time.  Today is one of my RDOs, so I made a trip up to the mall, as I needed to hit up Sephora for a new lipstick, as mine is basically dead.  I love theirs, it lasts all day, and the shade is just right – it’s No. 13, “light rosy pink shimmer.”  I did  my eyes differently today, using a purple liquid eyeliner on tops with a purple eyeshadow (Ecstasy – metallic violet), and it really popped, so I also picked up an Urban Decay blue Radium, metallic royal blue for when I got the blues.  Then of course I did some more shopping, and decided to try Urban Decay’s Urban Ammo Eye Palette, for some different eye shades.  And that was enough.. time to get out!  Glad I signed up for their rewards program; today I even qualified for my first, getting a free mascara.

A personal note on my makeup choices.  I feel that there are certain things you can skimp on with regard to brand and expense, while there are other things that make sense to spend the extra money on.  I use Smashbox Sutdios’ Hidden Agenda concealer, Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation, and CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones Conturing Blush, for example.  But I choose to spend more on my eyes, selecting to purchase mostly Urban Decay products – Big Fatty waterproof Mascara, 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (in Oil Slick..), and the aforementioned liquid liner.  For eyeshadow, I’ve been using Neutrogena’s Nourishing Eye Quads in different color combinations, and they work well, don’t smudge or “creep” (Sephora’s Duo eyeshadow, especially the “intense blue” I found “ran..”).  Lipsticks… well I love Sephora’s Maniac long-wearing collection, and I also use their Brilliant Lip Gloss as well, though I haven’t been able to find another color that really jumps out for me.  In any event, I just think that sometimes you do get what you pay for, and I honestly love the Urban Decay brand. I find it well worth the extra money…

I must be doing something right, because I’ve had several of my cis-women friends come to me and comment about how great my makeup looks, particularly my eyes.  And of course, I’m like, really, you must be kidding, right?  But I’ve had a couple even ask me for tips on how to use the pencil liner, and ask what I did for my upper lids to make it pop so.  Typically I use the “oil slick” liquid liner topside with shadow above; it delineates in nicely and accents my eyes.  I just wish I had more of a lash to work with, especially bottoms.  But hey, gotta make the best with what you got, and honestly, I do feel good about myself, I enjoy making myself look as appealing and sexy as I can, and truth be told, although I won’t readily admit it, I do feel sexy at times… curious to know if anyone notices….


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