Who’s the new chick…?

Quick post for the morning… I’m not certain if I had mentioned it or not, but yes, I did book Dr. McGinn for my surgery; it is scheduled for the fall.  I’ll consider as I go forward just how much I wish to relay about this part of my journey….  But suffice to say that I am so very happy and am counting down the days.. again.

Couple of other items.  Best thing heard at work this week: a friend told me he heard another controller asking, “hey, who’s the new chick in TMU?”  So loving that…..  Stupidest question of the week: someone from Training comes to me and asks if they might ask me a question… sure.  “What would you like to be called?  Cause I know there was a date..”  This post-transition at work, name is changed on all work papers…… uhh, yeah, can’t make this stuff up.

Also, I was remarking to a female controller I work with about how my “cost of living” has increased somewhat dramatically in certain areas.  Used to cost me about $18 for a hair wash and cut; two weeks ago, that became basically $140… geesh.  Yup, it’s absolutely my choice to do this… lol.  Some things never lose their humour. 

On a last note, a physical change; I love my new scent.  That is, generally, the scents my body gives off, and they are definitely different from pre-HRT.  That in combination with the new deodorants and colognes…. scents in and of themselves are very affirming and also quite calming…  just another wonder of it all.


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