First full week of work down..

Today marked the end of my first full week at work… Well, it will as I am presently working on the mid as I write this. All in all, it was a good week, marked by nothing of consequence. I did start to send out some emails tourneys in the system that I work with, and will still, so it needs to be stated. Haven’t seen any replies back yet…

Today was one of my most confident days at work, perhaps the most. I actually do enjoy dressing up more as opposed to wearing jeans all of the time, and I’ve decided that on weekday shifts I work, I will dress more business casual. Today I wore a lavender dress shirt with a pair of lighter blue Editor slacks, black Born ballet flats and a black sporty blazer. I’m going to start expanding my wardrobe to include more heels, and for that I’ll be taking at least 2 pair back to the tailors to now be lengthened…. geesh. I was previously concerned about not being too tall – I’m 5’10” already – but after meeting Allyson Robinson in her high heel boots.. Well….

So the confidence thing. I’m starting to roam more freely around the building and walking through the control room floor and among the areas. And things seem to be stabling more. A couple of friends from my old area said hi, and a one or two people asked how things were as I approached in the hallways. And in a reaffirming gesture today, I had a conversation with one of my best friends here for 5-10 minutes – he sees me after I call him and greets me with something like “WTF did you do?”. Hehe… But in the end he told he doesn’t care, he’ll always be my friend and will support me and help if ever I need anything. Very down to earth, very understanding, and accepting… Now if everyone could be that way.

Still, there are people caught up in their hangups…. One person, who used to at least say hello to me all of the time now walks by and won’t even look at me, which I find ironic as she is always running off about her church and how she is there every weekend. Unconditional love… you see, there isn’t even unconditional love among “religious,” even though they supposedly are instructed to love all. I come in for my mid this evening, and I say hello to the mid sift supervisor…. no response. There’s been very few of these occurrences, but when they happen, it’s still a bitter pill. All in all though, I feel more confident with the passing of each shift, and I felt very much so today. I am intent on holding my head high and taking the high road with everyone, regardless of their outward expression. Not only is my transition allowing me to be myself and therefore I am a better
person for it, but I am also a better worker and take a greater pride in my job and performance.

This weather is starting to impact the potentials of my social life. I was invited by a FB friend to a “girls night out” this week, but it appears that weather will postpone it. This event also had the potential to involve some “guy chasing,” which has me all wound up in excitement and some panic. This is an entirely new course for me, it intrigues me to no end, it is something I so very much need to explore. So I’ve been in a bit of a panic in figuring out the appropriate attire, deciding to try and put together an outfit based on a longer length cowl sweater, either skinny jeans, jeggings or simple leggings, and heels. I was going shopping at the mall tomorrow for things, but we’re supposed to get 5″ of snow, then freezing rain and and ice storm. Yeah, I know, I should play it smart and stay unattached; I’m not looking to get attached, just to have some fun. So we’ll see what develops… I have enough on my plate to deal wit already…


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