Other Corrective Surgeons…

Going through a pile of papers, and I wished to post some things about other surgeons, just to give some perspective to things.  Among others that I had considered were Toby Meltzer, MD, Pierre Brassard, MD and Dr. Supporn in Thailand.

Dr. Meltzer practices in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He is by far and away the most expensive surgeon out there doing corrective surgeries.  His fees include hospital, anesthesia, his fees, and either nine nights’ stay or a one night’s stay in the “recovery care center,” for vaginoplasty and labiaplasty respectfully.  Dr. Meltzer requires a face-to-face consultation for all prospective patients; there are no exceptions – I asked.  Fees:  Vaginoplasty, $24,184.00; Labiaplasty, $5,689.00; Breast Augmentation/Vaginoplasty combined, $31,950.00 for silicone, $30,844.00 for saline.  Of course, this, for me, does not include airfare to/from Arizona, nor added hotel expenses for arriving one or two days beforehand, not certain what he requires.

Dr. Supporn operates a clinic in Chonburi, Thailand.  One of the major things I liked about Dr. Supporn was his aftercare; you stay in a hotel within walking distance of his clinic for another almost three weeks following surgery, during which time his nurses will check on you daily, and Dr. Supporn twice weekly or more if needed.  They require you to arrive at least two days prior to surgery, but perform all pre-operative testing, including, blood tests, ECG, X-Ray.  Fees:  Vaginoplasty, 495,000 Baht or $16,533 U.S. at 1 Baht equaling 0.0334 U.S.; Breast Augmentation, 180,000 Baht/$6,012 U.S.  Other fees:  Flight to/from New York, $1193.00 round-trip 20 hour per trip flight; aftercare stay at Chon Inter Hotel at 1550 Baht/$51.80 U.S. per night or $880.65 for the 17 day stay; post-op certificate notarized at 2,000 Baht/$66.80 U.S. per copy.  NOTE: these fees were 2010 rates; he raised his rates about 10% for 2011.

I chucked all of my information about Brassard, who operates in Montreal.  His fee is $18,040 Canadian.  They do have a recovery house, which I’ve heard is very comfortable.  But, based on some feedback I got, I dropped consideration of him.


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