Oh the places you’ll go…

Nobody told me that my life would read like a poor Dr. Seuss novella.  Some things are just plain uncomfortable.  Like having to explain your “dual” status still associative with certain things.  I placed a call to a potential GP, as I need one for all of my pre-operative stuff that needs doing before October.  So, I was expecting to have to deal with the insurance issue right away, but no.  Then the receptionist explains that the facility is associated with our local medical school and teaching hospital, and that I would be seen by interns but paired with an attending.  This doctor was recommended to me for her acceptance of the community; so it forced my hand and I had to explain to the receptionist my “special situation.”  I hate being a special case, I don’t wish to be treated as one, and it’s an issue I find annoying in that we need to try and explain ourselves to the medical community in order to assure appropriate professional care.  One would think that as we are human beings like everyone else, we would be entitled to such…  anyways…

So she did in fact take a more soothing, understanding tone after my disclosure, and offered to query the doctor to see if she would take me on as a new patient.  Hopefully she does, and that will end my search.  Otherwise, back to square one.

Today begins my second full work week…. yay me!  Actually, I am very pleased with pretty much the way everything is going these days.  Which must show outwardly, as I get alot of positive reception from people, that I never used to get.  Heck, the other evening as I was leaving the liquor store, merlot in hand, a guy was entering the cleaners, and I got the double check-out look… nothing nicer to boost one’s ego…


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