Today, I’m home from work sick, so a little posting.  Yesterday, I met a wonderful new friend for a late lunch, and it was just an awesome time we had, conversing about anything and everything.  And she takes such a keen interest in my trials and

home from shopping and lunch

tribulations, it’s wonderful.  I am now forming my little women’s “coffee and conversation circle,” friends who I enjoy being with, who enjoy my company and whom we both have much to share with each other.  I hear it all so often, and I must echo it here with my experience; I have never, in my entire life, had as many friends as I do now.  Not acquaintances…. real, true, devoted friends.  It is simply amazing, a phenomenon I can’t understand at times, particularly from the point of, geesh, why did it take so long, I’ve been missing this throughout my life.  I so do enjoy chatting with others, and my listening skills certainly have gotten much better.  I even have friends calling on the phone without so much of a reason as to simply gab.


It’s nice to play the social butterfly for once as well… no more going “solo,” I’m increasingly doing things with friends.  Last week is was the dancing, yesterday the nice lunch out.  Tomorrow evening is a big Valentine’s Dance for L.I. Pride, I’m bringing a friend, and next Tuesday lunch with another friend, followed by Thursday evening’s big dinner with someone I’ve been trying to connect with for a long time.  In between there is work, my volunteering, and some house-cleaning; my apartment is a disaster at the moment.

Yesterday, the mail brought my surgery bill; it must be paid in full by September.  Consequently, I didn’t get any sleep last night, as I am both worried and also very excited about it.  I think everything will turn out ok, believe it or not, it actually is less than I thought it would be.  Last week I worked on my pre/post surgical plan, what things (like stoppage of taking hormones, when medical records are due, when to have an enema… yes, you read it correctly…)  need be completed by what date, etc…  There’s actually a bunch of things that need to be completed, so once again into the breech of working through the plan.  I so know that the months are just simply going to fly by.  I am intent on bringing my laptop, I have Skype, and certainly would love to hear from my friends when I get there – I’ll also be posting some updates as things go along.  But, suffice to say, I simply cannot imagine the pure emotion that I will feel that first day, waking up and finding everything in its proper place… I so cannot imagine.  When I used to watch Marci Bowers’ Hospital show, I would end up crying, wishing it so very much were me undergoing surgery, getting everything corrected….

My closest friend will be bringing my to my surgery and stay throughout the procedure to see that I come out ok, then she will come back to take me home the weekend after.  Another good friend will come down, drive me from the hospital to the hotel by my surgeon’s office, and stay with me for the week to help.  No, no family members will be present, none will be involved, and I do not expect to receive even phone calls…  Those closest to me – my friends – will be there for me, either in person or in spirit, and that is what truly counts.  The ones to whom I matter will be there, will make the effort, will celebrate and acknowledge this special day, my new birthday.


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