Our journey together….. a memorium

I wrote this for Stacy last Thursday… she was buried this morning in Parlin, New Jersey…. Stacy was -31- years old…

our journey together

We met at once upon a time,
In fair and golden days.
To share our fabled dreams beheld,
To ponder life beyond the haze.

You pronounced “I am she..”
I said, “yes, I am too.”
Our friendship sealed, our fates our bond,
The fire we would pass through.

By first step, you would show the way,
The bravest of our two,
Your soul it’s brilliance as a guide,
Through darkness I followed you.

Tho fog opaque enveloped us,
A worldy ignorance at play,
Thy strength of will, thine energy,
Set lights to guide our way.

By end of days that seem as years,
You breached the other side,
The woman you were meant to be,
An angel in my eyes.

I followed, cross the barrier,
And joined the truth revealed,
Alas we were as meant to be,
Sisters, each life appealed.

At once empowered,
Rejoicing our newborn selves,
Our lives begun anew we lived,
To learn, to love, each breaking morn.

But time, it seems would not be ours,
For tho you led our way,
And brought us both unending happiness,
Twas not for you to stay.

You’ve left me here, alone, bereft,
What is it am I to do?
Your flame doused in a moment’s breath,
Darkness ere returns to you.

I mourn thy loss, my dearest, my friend
It pains me to go on,
My like desire to follow you,
And ply thine shores beyond.

I’m left alone to walk this path,
Without you at my side,
But ever happy with the thought,
You’ve nothing else to hide.

You’ve found your peace,
You are made whole,
To treat with angels evermore,
To live as one in total bliss,
Upon that distant shore.

I called you friend… and I loved you for it.  I shall miss you always and be forever grateful to have had you in my life, if even for the very briefest of moments.  May God bless you and may you always walk with the angels, a protector of those left behind.


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