“Have you had your period?”

Last week was interesting for a number of reasons.   First off was a visit with my new GP.  I needed to find a new one as my previous GP had retired about a year and a half ago.  And, there are several tests I need to get done for my pending surgery in October.  So the last visit to my endocrinologist, I asked the gals at the desk if they could refer anyone, and they gave me two names.  The first one I called, which actually was the one I was favoring for whatever reason, was not taking new patients.  So I phoned the second, who was.  The receptionist was very nice on the phone as well.  And I got an almost immediate appointment of less than a week away.

I’m so glad the calls worked out the way that they did.  My new GP is wonderful.  She’s very patient, deliberate and methodical in her ways, and above all very understanding.  First off, she asked me what I was there for, so I took a deep breath and explained that I was trans, was having my surgery in the fall, and needed tests done in addition to a new GP.  She didn’t blink, and just went into the patient query.  Funniest thing: even though I disclosed this, and she understood because she mentioned I will need a Prostate PSA test next year, she did ask me if I got my period!  Hehe, that put a smile on my face, and I explained that no, not physically but that I get everything else associative with it.  She then proceeded to ask me if I had friend/family support, I explained yes to friends, no to family, and she told me that if I ever needed to talk or discuss anything, to come to her and talk.  Which was wonderful…

She is also an advocate of mammograms, and continually pushed me to have one now.  I had to explain to her that my natural breasts aren’t as big as they looked – I wear forms currently because it’s very important to me psychologically – and told her I fully intent to beginning next year.  She did write a scrip however, for a mammogram and a sonogram.  She also discovered a potential heart issue, and I need to go back for an echocardiogram next month.  She said that she needs to clear me for my surgery, and she takes this responsibility seriously.  She is just so very nice and professional, and understanding.  I was very nervous going to a new physician, and having to explain things possibly, but she immediately put me at ease, and treated me like everyone else, not a special case.

Last Wednesday, my day off, it turned out to be gorgeous, so I decided to head to the beach for the day.  I went home, gathered things I wished to bring, did a few things around the house, and put on my new bathing suit for the first time.  And headed off to Robert Moses State Park, where I took a very long walk.  I was parked in field 5 and wished to walk to the lighthouse, but a little more than midway, I was turned around by a woman who would not let me pass; they were filming “Men in Black.”  On a public beach, for which I pay some of the highest taxes in the country…. I thought it was not right, but I didn’t let it ruin my wonderful day.  And the stunt pilots were out practicing for the airshow yesterday and today.  I walked with shorts on; when I walked back to my area, I changed into my beach skirt and set up a blanket and sunned myself.  It was wonderful, just all so normative.  And, tucking for me is not an issue: there really isn’t anything to tuck anymore, thanks to HRT!

Thursday, my girlfriend and I went to a pet shop that specializes in puppies “just to look.”  Now, I had recently begun thinking about getting a small dog, in fact I wanted one that I could bring along with me everywhere for company.  So we went and looked at all of the different breeds the store had… more than twenty.  I had been thinking about a Chihuahua, and I saw a few.  Before we were to leave, a salesperson brought a grey one back to her cage, I saw it, and immediately fell in love with her.  We then played with her in the play areas, I texted my landlord to gain clearance, and Pia became my newest family member!  And it’s just like having a baby… she is my baby.  She’s only 2 1/2 months old, requires constant attention and is so very cute!  Now it’s like the eldest sib vs. the newborn in my household, trying to get my 2 year-old kitty Cleo adjusted to her new little sister.

This weekend I received notice from NCTE that OPM published guidelines for tran-identified federal employees.  Which makes specific reference to the bathroom issue, stating that employees, once transitioned at work, should be granted access to the facility appropriate to their gender.  I will have more to say on this next week, as I cannot say anything specific to my situation at this time.


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