August is gone…

wake me up when September ends.  The single most important accomplishment of the month was being informed by my supervisor at work that the bathroom situation had been resolved, that I was granted access to all women’s facilities, excepting the one with the shower, immediately.  Truly I believe this precedent-setting decision came about as a result of my directly lobbying our Administrator, Randy Babbitt.  I truly feel as though I’ve accomplished something for the greater good, that I’ve left my mark, however little it might be.  For now, when those following me do transition, at FAA at least, they will be granted access to the proper sanitary facilities from the start.  Great change does indeed take great effort, and I’ve been working this issue since December….  I can truly say that my organization, my FAA, is an inclusive one.

Secondly, August marked my “first” birthday, well the first one since transition.  No surprises there… though I did happily receive “happy birthday” text messages from my youngest son, and my daughter and step-daughter.  But I didn’t see my wish come to fruition, and it is now coming up on – nine – months since last I even spoke with one of my children, or my to-be-ex…. never mind seeing them.  Truthfully, the day was loathsome, not to mention this little issue called Irene rolling in… whoever ordered me a hurricane for my birthday, thanks!  Gift receipt next time please.

The day before my birthday marked one year on hormones.  One year… actually seems like its been much longer, but all I need to do is look down, and see minimal development to know… No doubt hormones have helped contribute to the roller-coaster ride that has been my life over the past year.  I must say, it has been quite the odyssey, and incredible journey that I would never recommend for the faint-of-heart.  It seems as though I’ve been living this forever, which to some extent I have, but its been really only almost nine months since I transitioned at work.

Also the day before my birthday, I finally received my surgery recommendation letters… I had known for months that they were “approved” and that I would be getting them, but it was nice to finally have them in hand.  I promptly forwarded them to my surgeon, and all pre-surgical paperwork has been completed, everything is ready for next month.

So here I sit, counting down the days…. Saturday will be one month to my date with destiny, the culmination of everything I’ve ever dreamed of, the completion of the most important accomplishment of my life.  I cannot wait to get there, to savor each and every moment of that time, to experience it all fully, every emotion, every thought and feeling… to wake up that first time, complete…. finally.


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