Day Two has come and passed…

Today was my second day on the job, and for some reason, I was a little more nervous about going back in.  But I got up in good order and set out to get ready; I’m still trying to figure out exactly how long it now takes me to get ready and out the door.  The past two days, I have allowed myself two hours… so if I am to be at work for, say 7am, I get up at 5 as I did this morning, and actually was at work by 6:30.  I’ve taken actually to laying out my wardrobe in the evening, and it has proven well; now I spend time going through several iterations of outfits the night before.  Seriously though, I do understand, and appreciate, why it is that women take so long to get ready to go anywhere…. heck, I won’t go to the laundry without any makeup.

In any event, on to the day.  Once I got up and going, I actually felt better, stronger and more confident.  Today I wore a brown blazer with brown editor slacks, raisin Born ballet flats and lavender tailored shirt, and actually I thought it looked much more stylish than yesterday… dignified even.  So that was a confidence boost in an d of itself.  The Dunkin girl didn’t make any misstatements this morning, so all started off on the right footing.  Silliest question I’ve gotten since back at work; today someone asked me what I wanted to be called…. umm, how am I dressed now?   It just left me a bit dumbstruck, but as nicely as I could, I told the person “Keri.”  And I’m noticing some differences around the building, like people waiting and holding doors open for me, or allowing me to enter first.  I’ve noticed more people, whom I don’t know actually, simply saying hello in the hallways.  And I’ve noticed a few of my more established acquaintances loosening up and acknowledging me as I pass.  A curious happening yesterday; sitting in our “break room” for the first time, reading my Facebook board, and noticing another controller basically looking me over and kind of smiling….  yes, it felt as though I was being checked out.  Not that that is a bad thing at all…

Today was the first day all-out with the bathrooms.  The FAA, in their infinite open-minded wisdom, told me prior to full transition that I would not be allowed access to the bathroom associative to my gender identity till post surgery.  So, straight-faced, I was offered the men’s still – feel the concern for my safety? – and they ended up converting four bathrooms to single-use Unisex. I’ve singled out my favorite bathroom, and its essentially turned into almost my own; and I must say now that, all things considered, I do feel more comfortable with the privacy, for the time being.  So far I have not had to wait for access, so it is working, not an issue thus far, and it should be ok till I get to surgery.


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